we are the blood we are the fear EP

by bain de sang

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released November 1, 2015

Emergence records (FR), Up2Eleven Records (FR), Dingleberry Records (DE)


all rights reserved



bain de sang Paris, France

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Track Name: Alzheimer's disease
dementia, wandering, psychosis, disorder
your pain is mine depressed aggressive
no hope in sight we feel paranoid
a farewell note to this life
Track Name: We are the blood we are the fear
we want to reach salvation
we make poison for the cunts
dig the graves for the weak
we are the blood we are the fear
under the blows
go fuck yourself
set the world on fire
we are the blood we are the fear
Track Name: Overdose
the blood has drenched your corpse
your throat feels like shards of glass
no fever but some ashes in your head
the human race is a disease
overdose a life broken
overdose a complete fail
Track Name: Watch us fall
Nations ruled by wolves corrupted to the bones
watch us fall
can we find another way revolution anyway
watch us fall
perfect brain
a perfect brain before the death do you smell the rotten flesh
watch us fall
Track Name: Hail to the grief
clenched fist
what became the protest songs
full of hate full of pain
hear the cries of rage
feel nothing not even the fear
watch me sink and watch me rise
hail to the grief
the dead have no tears
the living have burdens
we are the Holy Plague
the only one, eradicate
Track Name: Missing Pharaohs
crucified by myself
i gave up believing
foregone conclusion
betraying anything
i feel overwhelmed by greed, by grief
broken promises killed me inside
dead man walking try to escape
Track Name: King Hell Fire
king hell fire
you buried your conscience in a grave of burning shame
death and sacrifice as random act of violence
once again the night falls over your mistakes
king hell fire
Track Name: Ones you hate become ghosts
far enough to lie far enough to die
far enough far enough far enough to die
Stand naked everything gone
your flesh everything falls
your life we don't fuckin' care
you die
your life we don't fuckin' care
you die fuckin' piece of shit
want to leave the sun try to find the sorrow
you die
Track Name: Danse macabre
fearing the light we've been the prophets of darkness for decades
danse macabre for a black breath
danse macabre for the last breath
macabre, macabre, we are, we are

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